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    The importance and advantage of OEM/ODM

    ODM has One of the advantages is that ODM to seize the "design" the high ground.

    In an industry chain, there will be a bottleneck link in the high ground, to seize this part of enterprises will have a special advantage, and the highest profit.From the manufacturing industry is concerned, including surface mount (SMT) technology, including electronic product assembly production process is basically mature and become a lower threshold line of business, and the design the more promoted the main factors affecting competitiveness.Function and structure of electronic products becoming increasingly complex and more demanding targets, the design cycle time to market the proportion of the increase.ODM will design part of taking down the advantages of using the field in the PC ready to provide customers with a variety of programs, minimizing the customer time to market.Replacement so quickly in electronic products today, ODM model natural born at the right

    OEM in the international, you can have the following advantages:
    1)According to the domestic and foreign market demand, product positioning decisions (performance, quality, target customer)
    2)According to the product performance and features, decided to develop a design approach: Introduction, development and design of
    3)with technology and brand owners go to select (bid or recommended) manufacturer
    4) specified products for sales


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