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    The Warranty is one year.
    During warranty,KST will supply technical support for free(not including the customization)

    Usually,our service is following:
    Step1:We will offer solution to clients for their problem device via email .
    Step2:If step1 does not work,we will arrange technical engineer to telnet into the problem
             device,to check and solve the problem remotely.
    Step3:If our engineer confirm that hardware can not work smoothly,and need to change
             it,we will send the relevant spareparts to clients for free for repair.
    Step4:If Step3 still does not work,we will send another new device to clients. Or ask
             clients to send problem device back to our factory according the indicates from our 

    Beyond Warranty,KST will always supply technical support for free,and service is the same as above steps,the only one difference is that spareparts is not cost-free.


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