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    1. Problem on Sensor:

    a. The lens of the device sensor is broken. If it’s URU sensor, you have to change the sensor completely. If it’s our own sensor, you have to change the lens. If you have no sensor or lens, please contact us to get it.

    b. The light of sensor is too strong to validate fingerprint. Please change the sensor.

    c. It is only the sensor that doesn’t light up when you press your fingerprint. Please check if the device is set to 1:1 match. The item path in the device is: menu > option > system opt > adv option > only 1 to 1. If the item is “Y” please change it to “N”. If the item is “N” or the sensor still doesn’t work, you have to change the sensor.

    d. The is too dirty to collect a fingerprint, please clear the sensor by using adhesive tape.


    2. Problem with Communication to device:

    a. The connection way is TCP/IP.  Please try to ping the IP of the device. If successful, please check the connection setting in your software, the IP has to be the same as the device’s and the pass key (the item path in the device is: menu > option > comm. Opt > comm. key) is the same as device’s. If failed, please check the net wire and the net item (menu > option > comm. Opt > Ethernet) is open.

    b. The connection way is RS232/485.  Firstly check that the communication path is working (you can use another working device to test).  Secondly, please check if the connection settings on the terminal is right.: menu > option > comm. Opt > RS232 or RS485. Thirdly, please check that the Baud Rate is the same between device and software.

    c. All the setting are correct (the other device could connect if you operate it in the same way). You have to contact your distributor to repair the communication port.


    3. Problem on Unstable Device:

    a. Please contact the technical support to solve this problem, they can help you update it.  You have to give them the detailed problem,the firmware version,series number (menu > sys info > dev info >


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