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    What is OEM

    OEM ( Original Equipment Manufactures )
    especially in the rapid development of information industry is a very wide range of industrial applications.OEM means its flexible and effective management features, to adapt to this new situation, which can be widely applied.OEM needs to adapt to the rapid development of science and technologyThe rapid development of technology has led to the shortening of product life cycle.The competitive strategy of moving from expansion of production scale, lower production costs means the main production center, to focus on new technology, the rapid introduction of new products into the center market mode of operation.According to IDC's data shows that in 50-60 years the average life cycle of electronic products, 10-12 years, and enter this value dropped to 90 6-18 months.New technologies emerging in the electronic information age, business operators in order to obtain a competitive and sometimes the race to increase the research and development of new products the huge investment, in order to expedite the research results into products dominate the market, many large enterprises will be criticalparts in production, and accessories to OEM mode will be contracted out to other production, both to shorten the production cycle to ensure that there can be saved under a lot of money for the production of equipment for research and development, so that speed of response in the marketto maintain a virtuous cycle, companies can change according to market situation, timely adjustment of the scale of production, making it possible to adapt to market development to maintain a dynamic, flexible and elastic production mechanism.From another perspective, product life cycles, business investment in equipment for the production of the spirit of the inevitable wear and tear increase, in order to reduce the opportunity cost and massive way with OEM production, can not be said to be full use of external resources "Caochuan byArrow "of the policy.OEM meet the development needs of world-class brandGrowing economic competition within the global expansion, brand and channel more and more reflected in the actual final value of goods important role, OEM folder way of note is the subject of the Central Plains manufacturers illustrate this importance.Economic competition in the growing awareness of the importance of brand, because only the consumers establish a good image in order to win more support for channel partners marketing to channel partners through the joint efforts to make our productspenetration of the broader consumer groups.Good business performance for which many multinational companies have been focusing on brand building and marketing channels.So take full advantage of OEM products mature way, or other enterprises have production advantages of the products into their own marketing channels, value-added services using its strengths to gain a wider range of consumers, it can be called "Uterus "of good policy.OEM adapt to globalization, the need for the development of information management systemsWith the development of science and technology, computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) has been widely used increasingly in the production process, quality has become a controllable factors in the production process, which makes the OEM manufacturers for the production of products on behalf of consumersthe material guarantee.This is the way OEM higher degree of automation in the production industry in the popularity of the information industry one of the reasons, which also just as IBM, HP that only tens of thousands of staff worldwide are promoting the cause of several hundred billion dollars of salesone.Limited resources to go into the channel construction, but also for enterprises to improve the speed of market reaction provided a fundamental guarantee.OEM adapt to provide customers with a complete solutionIn the information economy, more and more detailed division of labor industry, new products are high-tech gradually increased, the ultimate consumer technology products can not be judged by the applicability of their own, because they need the full range of solutions basedservices.A sense of modern enterprise in terms of competition from companies found that consumer demand for appraisal and to provide a comprehensive program of capacity of the outcome, the importance of a single product is gradually reduced.The real question is how to meet the increasingly complex and customized features with consumer demand.OEM manner a good way: the enterprises with their own proprietary technology-based way of melting into the OEM production of other products to provide customers with solutions that fit their needs, so that contributed to their own technology development, strengtheningthe influence of their own brand, and also allows customers a comprehensive solution from a more comprehensive and timely to get good service.From another perspective, OEM business is also being driven by enterprises have been developed, which fully embodies the principle of rational allocation of resources.In addition, the OEM business can be conducted more effectively allocate the limited internal resources, minimize the level of management, improve management performance.OEM adapt to the need to establish new competitive advantageModern economic development has changed the way people view simple competition, competition and cooperation have become the two major driving forces of modern enterprise development.Have an advantage in their own products, OEM products with competitors to make their advantage is more prominent, while competitors have a new space for development, competition into cooperation.At the same time the rapid development of science and technology today, a business can be difficult to have a full grasp of all patented products, by way of each other to provide OEM products to ensure the integrity of intellectual property.So as to avoid disputes or repeated, brought about by the waste of resources, but also to promote a technology and market influence, to become the new industry standard, or the Group Union standards, so that competition becomes relatively orderly disorder


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