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    Fingerprint Car Controller System-AU11

    The number of car theft case is increasing with the increasing number of cars nowadays in the world, which has become a serious social problem. According to statistics, 1.5 million vehicles were stole every year in the United States, that means a car was stole in every 20 seconds; and 35,000 was stole in New zealand and 4000 was stole in Hong Kong last year.

    From the domestic situation, in recent years, the numbers of car theft cases is still increasing, according to statistics, an average of more than 300 vehicles is stole everyday. Therefore we R&D this new fingerprint car controller system to secure your car according to this market requirements.  There are huge potential market in the world.

    Because this new car security system will make your car more secure, more comfortable and make your life more splendid. so What are you waiting for? plz make action asap!


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