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    KFace04 low price facial terminal have been released

    In order to satisfy different requirements from different areas,we have released a new low cost Facial&RFID time attendance termimal KFace04 at Nov,20th,2011.
    KFace series of multi-biometric identification time attendance products adopts Biosecurity latest 
    KST600 platform with Kface 7.0 and large capacity memory. KFace series integrated 630MHX high 
    speed Multi-Bio processor and high definition infrared camera which enables user identification 
    in the dark environment. The appearance of KFace series are designed by Germany professional 
    design company according to the view of human engineering, KFace04 device was designed to be 
    finished on the 3 inches TFT screen. With communications includes TCP/IP, USB-Host.
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